Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why? (The Million DJ March)

DJ's have been regarded as "underground" since their beginning in the early 1970's with founders such as Kool Herc and Grand Master Flowers. They were the "Band" to acts until tracks were just played in the background with little to no live presence. DJ's then went on to "spinning" these records bringing extra life to parties after and during performances adding to fads and trends in music. Using the turntable as an instrument, DJ's found new ways to utilize their talent by blending, scratching and sampling, giving longevity to the music we hear today. DJ's are able to give variety to an otherwise 2 or 3 act performance, hyping up the crowd and making night life quite the experience. Influencing what individuals listened to in Clubs and parties effected what individuals wanted to hear personally. Since the beginnings of DJ, technology has advanced, morphing the standard turntable in to a modern engine full of possibility. DJ's are a community that promote for many forms of corporation, the music industry being just one of them. What DJs say and do can be compared to the effects of a modern day commercial, as we notice on radio broadcasts and their choices in the music they play.Due to the advancement and sudden metamorphosis of their influence in music, there are very few laws protecting this art form as a craft and career. Self sufficient machines threaten this career choice, as so many fear to lose their jobs to in this advancing society. Depending on the audience, a DJ can custom blend the airwaves, to censor otherwise, "restricted" music and control what the masses hear. It is the responsibility of the DJ to make sound decisions based on the age and the want of the audience. The Million DJ March supports all forms of live music and will donate all proceeds from the march to keep music alive in Public Schools. Keeping Children learning.

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Anonymous said...

Based on this blogspot, it looks as though you only focused on the hip-hop community - when there is a very, very strong following in the EDM scene (Electronic Dance Music) who have the same problems. If you're trying to get the Million DJ March going, I recommend reaching out to the EDM community as well.

If you have any questions about how to reach out to our crowd, hit me up at