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Newest Performance Addition "Kuz"

from KUZ has been on theBillboard Hip Hop Charts forweeks with a peek position of#3. His single “Boss Status”was featured for 30 days as a#1 ring tone on Jamster.comand now rests comfortably at #20 & 21. He's been featured in the Quad City Timesand RC Reader news papers and has performed with the likes of T. Pain and Soulja Boy at the i Wireless Center in Moline, IL. He’s been featured on the SourceMagazines site as a winner of the How Do You Rep the Source contest as well asreceiving positive accolades on the Violator All Star DJ’s site. Besides being cast inthe Code Black Entertainment Film “April Fools” (2007) and having been theNumber #2 most added artist on the CMJ Music journal, KUZ has managed to stayafloat in the media without the support of a major label. To see is to believe! Followthe links and explore for your self the world of KUZ!!!(copy from Kuz

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KRS-One "The Million DJ March" (Clean) MP3 Download **A Worldwide Exclusive!**

Worldwide Exclusive!

August 30th, 2008 | The Million DJ March | Washington, DC


Newest Million DJ March Performer: DJ Kool ("Let Me Clear My Throat" / "20 Minute Workout")

Newest Million DJ March Performer: DJ Kool ("Let Me Clear My Throat" / "20 Minute Workout")

Featured Million DJ March Performer & Speaker: The Untouchable DJ Drastic

Daniel M. Johnson known professionally as The Untouchable DJ Drastic is one of the new generation music industry’s most influential tastemakers. A key initiator of the Million DJ March, Drastic’s influence is essential to not only the cause but the culture as a whole.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY was no joy ride for Drastic. His family was unstable as he grew up with a biological father who played little role in his life. Following the murder of his father, Drastic found himself near homeless at 19 years of age. He took a year off to restructure his path for the future and hasn’t looked back since. The Untouchable DJ Drastic is a self propelled professional in every aspect of his career. It’s no wonder why he has the backing of not only major record labels but multi-faceted corporations.

At 25 years of age, The Untouchable DJ Drastic has dominated every major nightclub in New York City and surrounding areas, broken countless acts propelling them to peak positions on the Billboard charts, toured with platinum recording artists, impacted every form of radio (College, Commercial, Internet, Mobile, and Satellite), instructed students at Scratch DJ Academy, spoken on numerous industry panels, founded his own brand and collective in The Coalition Network, and the list goes on.

The Untouchable DJ Drastic also discreetly serves on the Board of Directors and as a front man for The BumSquad DJz Worldwide. Drastic can also be found in-studio working on various forthcoming projects in addition to his own.

Despite his extensive resume, Drastic emphasizes that he’s just getting started. “For me, it’s all about legacy. I wish that there were 48 hours in each day so that I had the stamina and time to expedite all of my ideas accordingly. I receive credit for my accomplishments but I tend to think that I’m just getting started. I prefer to move under the radar. I stay away from negativity and never stop for anyone. In my heart, I’m a product of the culture. I’m not fabricated or premeditated. I’ve been through a lot. If I was to ever slow down it would be purely by choice. While other individuals are talking, drinking, smoking, or focusing on women, I’m in my own space striving towards a higher plateau. We must preserve our culture as DJs, entertainers, enthusiasts, purists, supporters, and so forth. Actions speak louder than words. The time is now.”

Video footage of The Untouchable DJ Drastic discussing the Million DJ March can be found on He recently addressed the event while in the United Kingdom on FM107.9 during a live mix show with host Mark Devlin of The Coalition Network.

Download FM107.9 (United Kingdom) Mix Show Here:

For more information regarding The Untouchable DJ Drastic go to

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: Corey Llewellyn (Digiwaxx)

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: Corey Llewellyn (Digiwaxx)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Serius Jones

Known for his magnetic personality, witty realism, incredible wordplay and distinctive voice, Serius Jones is planting his seed in the music industry. The New Jersey born emcee is set to unleash his distinctive sound onto the world. His repertoire includes obliterating unsuspecting victims in lyrical battles and cultivating ground-breaking music. After twelve consecutive victories, Jones captured The Fight Klub’s 2005 Battle Championship and cash purse by defeating the reigning Fight Klub champ. This was a wake up call to the new generation of emcees, and to the music industry as a whole.

Serius discovered the power of his words and true talent for captivating a crowd while huddled in playful neighborhood ciphers. After entering a freestyle battle as a dare, Jones caught the eye of now multi-platinum producer Needlz, who noted the young emcee’s insatiable passion, broad appeal, and unparalleled charisma. Needlz decided to support Serius’ talent with production resources, however, on a cold Harlem night Jones was arrested and incarcerated on weapons charges, temporarily derailing his plans for success.

He was officially signed to Disturbing Tha Peace/ Def Jam Recordings in January 2007 with a multi-million dollar contract and continued building his vision day by day, as his fan-base expands within the “Life Is Serius” movement. Serius has since recorded over 100 songs for his debut release “Life Is Serius,” an epic journey through his vigorous life. Grammy Award winning recording artist and founder of DTP, Ludacris along with executives Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon were unable to catapult the dynamic talent of the young emcee. "I feel that Serius is capable of changing the game as we know it," said Chaka. "He is battle-proven, but not limited to being a battle rapper. His approach to Hip Hop is refreshing and challenging, and it's no holds barred. '07 is gonna be serious for Hip Hop... pun intended." With the completion of King Me: The Official Street Album, and battle stripes under his moniker, “Mister Uptop” was ready to bring his music to the national front. When DTP severed ties with its long partnered label DefJam along with other complications Serius' national release was delayed. Determined to share his story with the world, Serius wrote and directed his own epic "Motion Picture" depicting the rise of the young rapstar from a gifted child, recorded a sountrack and also is releasing his own independent project Serius Bizness.. According to Serius "Overcoming obstacles and winning regardless of the greatest challenges life throws at you is what makes a real champion." Chuuch!

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: DJ Reg West

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: DJ Reg West

Newest Million DJ March Performer: A. Pinks

Newest Million DJ March Performer: A. Pinks

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: DJ 4 Sho

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: DJ 4 Sho

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Newest Million DJ March Performers: Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz

Newest Million DJ March Performers: Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Kia Shine

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Kia Shine

Newest Million DJ March Performer: DJ Mello T.

Newest Million DJ March Performer: DJ Mello T.

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Muggsy Malone

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Muggsy Malone

The Untouchable DJ Drastic Remembers DJ Wits

The Untouchable DJ Drastic Remembers DJ Wits

The Million DJ March Remembers: DJ Threat

The Million DJ March Remembers: DJ Threat

The Untouchable DJ Drastic Remembers DJ Carl Blaze

The Untouchable DJ Drastic Remembers DJ Carl Blaze

The Million DJ March Remembers: Jam Master Jay

The Million DJ March Remembers: Jam Master Jay

The Million DJ March Remembers: DJ Scott La Rock

The Million DJ March Remembers: DJ Scott La Rock

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Newest Million DJ March Performer: Jamila Hogan

Jamila is the CEO of 80s Baby Productions, a collection of highly skilled individuals and companies dedicated to the creation and development of successful artists, a full service production company providing expert service in all areas of the entertainment industry. 80s Baby Productions specializes in independent artist bookings, promotions, and professional representation

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Sha Stimuli

Stimuli officially stepped on the hip hop scene at 14, appearing on Master Ace’s Slaughter House LP. When Lord Digga began producing tracks for the Notorious BIG, Stimuli had the privilege of being in the studio while Biggie recorded Ready to Die. He quickly became Stimuli’s lyrical icon. When the hip hop world was rocked by the tragic and untimely death of the King of New York, Stimuli knew it was time to step up, grab the torch, and go full throttle with his gift of lyricism.

Being armed with a dangerous flow, and equipped for the grind to come, Stimuli emerged on to the mix tape circuit, leaving a blazing trail of tracks on some of the hottest mix tapes in rotation. In 2003, Stimuli attacked the music scene with the release of his first mix-tape “Let Me Show You the Way”, where he unleashed his smooth, conversation like flow, combined with sarcasm and metaphorical genius. Often called “the voice of the people”, his grind had now created a serious buzz in the streets and industry alike. Testimony to that came in October, with Stimuli being named The Source Magazine’s “Unsigned Hype”.

In 2004, proclaimed to be the “next best thing “to come out of Brooklyn since Biggie and Jay-Z, Stimuli released his second mix-tape, “Follow My Lead”. His witty, complex verses made you quickly press rewind. In 2005, staying loyal to his fans Stimuli dropped “Switch Sides”, a CD/DVD combination where he masters the art of storytelling. Similar to the hard baseline of a track, Stimuli’s voice is like the missing instrument. Street credibility and industry recognition continued to grow, and Stimuli caught the eye of Lenny S, then A & R of Virgin Records and negotiated a major label deal.

In 2005, Stimuli displayed his musical talent on a worldwide scale, performing in the first “I Love Hip Hop Tour” in Morocco. After being featured in many of the elite urban publications, performing at various venues, and making radio station appearances in late 2006, Stimuli released “New York State Of Mine “. The mix tape is an official throwback, echoing the classic sounds of New York hip hop, with features from Joel Ortiz, Memphis Bleek, Peedi Peedi, and Maino, with lyrics strong enough to take the city by storm. In August 2007, Stimuli won Best Lyricist for Urban Threshold’s 5th Annual Underground Music Awards, recognition that was well deserved, and a precursor to all that is to come. To date Stimuli can be found in the studio working diligently on his debut album, “Thee Emotion Picture”, an upcoming feature film with Terrence Howard called “Fighting”, several tv promos with MTV2 and BET and a lead role for indie film “Gotta Get Mines”.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Sirius XM Million DJ March Mix Master Weekend On 66 Raw (XM Satellite Radio)

August 29th & August 30th, The Million DJ March's elite will take part in The Million DJ March Mix Master Weekend on XM 66 Raw Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

For professional consideration please contact, DJ Furious Styles via e-mail: or call (202) 294-0419

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Cory Gunz

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Cory Gunz

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: Rev. Lennox Yearwood

Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr., is a minister, community activist, and one of the most influential people in Hip Hop political life. Firmly grounded in his Caribbean and Louisiana roots, Rev. Yearwood is a fierce advocate for human and civil rights in the 21st century. A powerful and fiery orator, Rev. Yearwood works diligently and tirelessly to encourage the Hip Hop generation to utilize its political and social voice.

He currently serves as President of the Hip Hop Caucus in Washington, D.C. The Hip Hop Caucus is a national, nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization that inspires and motivates those born after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

Rev. Yearwood was a co-creator of the 2004 campaign "Vote or Die" with Sean "P Diddy" Combs. He was also the Political and Grassroots Director for Russell Simmons' Hip Hop Summit Action Network, and a Senior Consultant to Jay Z's Voice Your Choice.

Rev. Yearwood was the National Director of the Letelier-Moffitt Human rights Award winning, Gulf Coast Renewal Campaign in which he organized a coalition of national organizations and grassroots organizations to advocate for the rights of Hurricane Katrina survivors. Rev. Yearwood has become an important figure in the peace movement as an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq and the Bush Administration. He was an Officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and led the "Make Hip Hop Not War" national bus tour to engage more young people in the movement for peace.

He is currently working with Grammy Award Winning artist T.I. and Platinum Selling artist Keisha Cole on Respect My Vote! which is a non-partisan voter registration, education, and mobilization campaign of the Hip Hop Caucus. This groundbreaking initiative focuses on the 18-29 year old demographic that did not attend college.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: Jeannie Jones

Radio/TV Personality and Media Executive, Jeannie Jones began her evolving career in entertainment at an early age charming audiences in theater and dance. Her announcing debut began at WKYS-FM in Washington, D.C. By the time she completed her studies in Journalism at the University of Maryland, she knew broadcasting would be her career choice. Jones' professional career took off after college when she was dubbed "The Mary Hart of the Airwaves" as part of the #1 rated Supreme Team Morning Show at WOWI-FM in Norfolk, VA. She also made entertainment update appearances on several networks including WVEC-TV (ABC) and WAVY-TV (NBC).

Jeannie returned to her hometown, Washington, D.C. to create I'm Outta Here Entertainment, Inc. which is responsible for publishing and producing her syndicated entertainment report, "Jeannie's Juice", Kitty Cat Lounge Radio/Events, and the PBS documentary, "Our Children Are In Pain. “IOH Entertainment in association with Jeannie Jones Meow Media specializes in: Publicity, Radio/TV/Film/Theater Productions, Casting, Management and Publishing (Meow Music Mix-ASCAP). Next, Jeannie joined the Radio One Network as a talk show host. While at Radio One, she also became part of the Russ Parr Morning Show. She then moved on to host the #1 rated night show on WPGC 95.5 (CBS Radio) and guest star on the Donnie Simpson Morning Show as co-host and news reporter. Jeannie's talents also extend to voiceovers for the WNBA and spokeswoman for several corporate clients including IPOD, Coca Cola, Smirnoff, Gillette, Anheuseur-Busch and L'OREAL Paris. She is also a featured music critic (WTTG-FOX 5 TV, Washington Post, XM Satellite, BET), a motivational speaker as well as community activist through the Jeannie Jones Speak Out Series.

She has received numerous awards including the NAACP Leadership Award for donating her time and resources to such organizations as the American Lung Association, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Children's National Medical Center, Miss USA Pageant, The Sports & Entertainment Law Students Association at Howard University, Urban Journalism Workshop/National Public Radio, Bring Wellness and Healthcare to Communities for Education and Prevention of HIV/AIDS, The Jeannie Jones Beltway Fitness Tour and she is a member of the National Association for Female Executives. Jeannie vows to "always encourage youth to be the best they can be" and "elevate tomorrow's leaders today" through her mentoring program and Grant My Wish Foundation.

Affectionately known as the "Kitty of the City", with her sultry trademark "meow" sound, The Jeannie Jones Show is currently heard weekdays 10AM-2PM on 93.9 KISS FM.

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Saigon

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Saigon

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: DJ Geometrix

"...There isn't a hotter jock on Washington DC's party circuit than DJ Geometrix. There's nothing to gripe about when Geo is on the wheels, as he's a smooth operating Cuisinart when dicing together urban hits, dancehall and retro jams..."

(Adapted From The Washington Post)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Damu The Fudgemunk

If Damu Fudgemunk, a combination of his love for kung-fu flicks and Willy Wonka, were a student at Hip-Hop University he’d be on the Dean’s List. Even though he’s in his early 20s, Damu’s sound is heavily influenced by icons DJ Premier, Diamond D, and more ‘90s hip-hop technicians. With his recently released instrumental albums, Spare Time, and Overtime, Damu has begun to define his own place in 2008.

Born and raised in Washington D.C., Damu’s parents were both classically trained musicians; his mother was a pianist and his father was a drummer. Yet, he wasn’t quick to tell them about his affinity towards music. “When I got to junior high school that’s when I knew I wanted to do music,” Damu says in his calm voice. “Even then I kept it a secret. Your parents are always trying to claim what you get from them. You get their eyes, their nose, etc.”

Initially, he started MCing but chances are a shy MC isn’t going to be heard. Realizing that his passion laid behind the beat, Damu quickly started absorbing every song he could hear—sample by sample and drum pattern by drum pattern.

“Once I understood how hip-hop worked I started doing graffiti, buying records and wanted to DJ,” says Damu, who now owns around 10,000 records. “Some of my [production] influences were K-Def, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, RZA, DJ Premier, Erick Sermon—that was the core music I was listening to in 1998. From a sample standpoint I was into Kool & The Gang, James Brown, Frank Zappa, Bob James…the list goes on.”

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Newest Million DJ March International Figure: DJ Honda

Hip Hop is global. Evidence of this phenomenon is Japan's full embrace of hip hop's every facet: breakdancing, graffiti, DJing, and even rhyming. It was only a matter of time before the Japanese hip hop scene produced an artist keen enough in understanding the culture to achieve similar international appeal: dj honda. dj honda was born in Hokkaido, Japan and moved to Tokyo at age 17 to pursue his dream of playing in an American influenced rock band. He started a band called, "Clique" as the vocalist & guitarist. However, the band struggled and honda was forced to seek additional employment. He began DJing in a small nearby city, Shizuoka where he was first introduced to hip hop music and various turntable techniques, including scratching. For honda, the turntables offered a new creative outlet. While toiling at perfecting his scratching technique, he created a popular name for himself as a DJ, leading to premiere gigs in Tokyo's largest clubs. He also appeared on Tokyo radio stations and remixed popular tracks for local record companies. Tokyo was also important because it was the place where dj honda would cultivate many valuable relationships with people like Afrika Bambaata and the Universal Zulu Nation, as well as some of the emcees who would later appear on his self-titled debut LP.

(Adapted from

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Free Million DJ March Insurance Dinner With H&R Block On August 29th, 2008

Dear Fellow March Participant,

The Million DJ March promises to be a historic event. Like you, I am excited to be a part of it. I am sending you this e-mail to invite you to a complimentary dinner and seminar on retirement and insurance planning titled "Your Financial Future". This seminar is to be held on the evening of Friday, August 29th, and is aimed at helping those attending The March prepare for their financial future. If you ask some of your friends that work a "9-5" about the benefits their employer provides. They will most likely tell you they receive a 401(K) plan with matching employer contributions, life insurance, and medical/dental insurance. Most DJ's are forced to provide their own benefits... This event is complimentary and offered exclusively to those that have officially registered for The March. Please RSVP by August 15, 2008. To RSVP, or for more information, please email or call (301) 984-5214. I look forward to meeting with you.

Sincerely, Steven Rosner
Financial Advisor

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: DJ Scientific (NASA)

See Video Content Below:

Friday, August 1, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: Harald Blakeslee (BCD Music Group) reported that Atlantic Records was suing and the Texas-based BCD Music Group for copyright infringement and intellectual property rights issues over material from Plies [click to read] and Gucci Mane [click to read].

Today, BCD defended their actions and business in a letter sent to HipHopDX from H. Blakeslee, the music group's managing director.

The letter stated the following: "BCD is a reputable Texas-based independent music and video distributor engaged in the distribution of finished master sound recordings. BCD has an excellent reputation in the independent marketplace and is well-respected in the world of independent retail. BCD has over 500 titles in its catalog ranging from urban, to rock and alternative, to classical, to country, to comedy, and to children’s titles.

BCD legitimately believes that it had proper authorization from the respective artists’ representatives as well as employees of Atlantic’s marketing department to distribute the Plies Real Definitions mixtape and the Gucci Mane's No Pad No Pencil mixtape. However, promptly after receiving notice from Atlantic’s legal department (and prior to the legal action being commenced) BCD stopped selling both mixtapes – and BCD advised Atlantic that it would cooperate to resolve the dispute without the need for litigation. Even so, Atlantic maliciously filed suit against BCD in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York alleging copyright infringement.

Although BCD cooperated in removing the mixtapes from the distribution chain, BCD vigorously disputes Atlantic’s position in the case. BCD believes that the marketing people at Atlantic condone the sale of mixtapes to build awareness of a particular artist’s forthcoming studio album but, in a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, the Atlantic legal department then comes to court with “unclean hands” and tries to punish BCD for doing precisely what Atlantic authorized it to do.

BCD fully expects to prevail in the event that Atlantic pursues the case any further."

Atlantic Records is home to DJ Drama [click to read] and his Aphilliates Music Group, who went through a very highly-publicized federal investigation with the RIAA over similar disputes [click to read].

BCD recently released Devin The Dude's Smoke Sessions Volume 1 [click to read]. The group has worked with artists such as Trae, Lil Flip and others in the past.

(Adapted From

Newest Million DJ March Performer: C.L.A.P. Cognac

Born in New York City & raised in the northeast region of The Bronx. C.L.A.P. Cognac resides in Co-op City in its secluded area mostly known throughout the city as Section 5.

He was raised in a West Indian household with his mother’s side of the family who were from the heart of Kingston Jamaica. His father was from the Ivory Coast.

C.L.A.P's first influences in music came as he grew up under his two older cousins that played the roles of older brothers. Always having the radio on, he was exposed to a vast array of artists. Everything from B.D.P, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Run DMC, Ultra-Magnetic, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest and NWA were played in that household, along with exposure to the Hip-Hop culture in the forms of music, graffiti, break dancing, etc.

One would have never thought back then that he would become the slick witted MC with the raspy voice who flips his words pertaining to his upbringing, college years & personal life episodes.

C.L.A.P's first attempt as an M.C came when he was in the 8th grade. It wasn’t until a local artist saw something special in him & said keep on writing and rhyming until you master your craft that he began to take the art form to a next plateau.

After years of sitting by the radio with instrumentals & making local mixtapes, C.L.A.P furthered his education in life & went away to Buffalo State College. There he gained added exposure performing at local clubs, doing radio interviews & learned how to make & format songs.

In college is where he adapted his stage name C.L.A.P which is an acronym for Camouflage Ladj Attacking Problems. It was a perfect fit for an M.C who has a witty way of expressing social issues. After graduating in 2004 with a B.A in Mass communication C.L.A.P went back to the Bronx to pursue his dream. He was given an opportunity to get on BET’s #1 video show 106 & Park’s Freestyle Fridays. After winning several times he was only beaten by himself with a loss for words when an entire show was based around his presence.

That didn’t stop this young bright & determined M.C. He continued to do freestyles on mixtapes, performing all over NYC, doing radio interviews and putting out CD samplers on his own. He has also broadened his knowledge of the music business by obtaining jobs at G-Unit & Interscope records.

The artists most influential to C.L.A.P's career are The Notorious Big, Big L, Big Pun, and rappers from his local neighborhood located in Section 5 of Co-op City. C.L.A.P is looked upon as the artist with a raspy voice that has real life content. With 6 mixtapes under his belt such as “Stay Hungry”, “The Love Outweighs The Hate” and his latest classic street mixtape “Made in the Bronx” hosted by Superstar Jay, C.L.A.P is ready to take on the music industry and show the world his talent.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

ATTN: KRS-One Signs On As A Major Figure & Speaks Regarding The Million DJ March!

Washington, D.C. - Rap legend and Hip Hop activist KRS One is issuing a call to action from DJ's nationwide to join and participate in the upcoming Million DJ March, by becoming directly involved himself. KRS One's legendary contributions to the evolution of Hip Hop and well-documented work with his Stop the Violence Movement, coupled with the fact that he began his own career as a DJ make him the perfect spokesperson for this groundbreaking event.

"I am a DJ. I started my career as a DJ and a collector of records." says the NY emcee. "The Million DJ March speaks to the longevity of the DJ community. If deejaying is going to survive in to the future, we are going to have to take it a little more seriously than just a party past time."

Founded by A. Shaw, after her many years of working within the DJ and mixtape community, The Million DJ March, far from disrespecting or parodying the Million Man March and its mission, was started in an effort to bring the DJ community worldwide together on issues that effect not just the DJ's themselves, but the music listening public they entertain.

KRS One expands by saying, "Once and for all, the American public needs to hear from the DJ's in a unified voice. There are questions that the American public has for for the DJ and one of the concerns of the American public, for DJ's in every medium, is the lack of responsibility that DJ's show to younger ears. The DJ's I know care about the public they play for; many of them are responsible parents themsleves. It is not that DJ's are irresponsible, it is that DJ's do not speak in one unified voice on anything. By signing your name to this event, among other things, you vow to uphold a standard of excellence in the art of deejaying."

In addition to unity, the mission of the Million DJ March is education and inspiration. "The Million DJ March is a call to excellence in the deejaying industry." KRS One says. "This is your craft. This is an opportunity to participate in the further development of your craft. The uniqueness of The Million DJ March and its surrounding workshops provides an opportunity for those just getting started, as well as the seasoned veterans, to participate in the advancement of deejaying."
A. Shaw, who also recently added the well-respected Harlem advocate DJ S&S as a keynote speaker to the March and Grammy-winning DJ Dirty Harry (Alicia Keys "No One") as a performer, couldn't be happier with her new spokesperson. "I have been aware and informed about KRS One's Stop the Violence Movement, and I think it is an extremely positive one." she shares. "KRS is a voice that rings through cultural and entertainment barriers. We are ecstatic to have him on board."

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: DJ Aaries

With the growing popularity as a DJ, DJ Aaries has managed to be a part of BET's "Rap City" multiple times and is one of the new faces of Roc-A-Wear with the "I Will Not Lose" campaign. He also started "Hood Hard TV," which currently airs in eight markets and the internet. The show is based around providing advice to artists and in a sense is similar to the classic TV show "Yo! MTV Raps." He also co-organized with Word On The Streets Magazine the "Hood Hard Day Conference," which is free to DJ's and Media. The conference has had attendees such as DJ Kid Capri, Remy Martin, and Wendy Day.

DJ Aaries also takes enormous pride in creating the Hood Hard DJ's, an alliance of 150 DJ's. They do not service music like record pools, but actually are more hands on with artists. To date the group has had their hands on in breaking records such as Nappy Roots "Good Day" and V.I.C.'s "Get Silly" which was their first official record as Hood Hard Hitmakers.

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: DJ Superstar Jay

The grime, the grind, and the glory. Thats what best describes mixtape wunderkind Superstar Jay. The Jamaica, Queens native was a deejaying prodigy, studying under the likes of legendary Ike Love and industry veteran DJ CLUE at the age of twelve, and spinning at every opportunity possible. Growing up in the get or bet gotten era in Queens, the streets only allowed you to excel at ballin, music, or the hustle game so Jay took his passion for music and carefully honed his skills while concurrently taking it to the hoops in the streets as a youth. The intensity he had for music he applied as a ballplayer and he rode that vehicle to Buffalo, NY where he garnered a basketball scholarship for three years. But after three years the turntables began calling and Superstar Jay took his natural ability and it unleashed it on the upstate NY town. From rocking parties, to concerts and producing a number-one rated show, The Midnight Run Mixtape Show on WBNY 93.1 Jays passion for the rap game became a viable career. After holding down Buffalo Jay came back to New York City to get dance with the big dogs. With his talent and his ambition as his only assets in the game, Superstar Jays mixtapes attracted attention and respect amongst true rap fans sans the politics and grime of the game. Since his emergence in New York City, he has displayed that putting in the work is the reason for his emergence as one of the best new deejays out and why everyone from Philly to Germany, China and back has checked for any one of his 40 mixtapes. With exclusives from heavyweights 50-Cent, Lloyd Banks, Fab, Yayo and Nore,NBA Star Lamar Odom Jim Jones and selling 70,000 plus of his mix cdz alongside veterans Envy, Clue, Whoo Kid its no mistaking that this is a talent to check for. Partnering with Oh Baby ENT and Northside ENT, Jay hopes to bring rap back to the essence and aid upcoming artists like mixtape aficionado Storm P (The Cookout, Flava Unit) and Clap Cognac to successful careers.Also Justo's 2006 Rookie Of The Year ,Essence Magazine Top People In Black Music,2 time Mtv DJ Of The Year 2007 Underground Music Dj Of the Year , Also Has A Ablum under Rich Soil Nba Star Lamar Odom Label Superstar Jay proclaims that he is about giving plateaus to new artists and that you can always market the talented people, people will always recognize it, look at me.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performers: Dramills & DJ Dirty Harry

In rap, your moment to shine goes faster than a NY minute, so Jamaica, Queens born lyricist Dramills isn't wasting any of his time. Emerging from the Lost Boyz family, the 23 year old has seen his click bask in success (their 96' major label debut Legal Drug Money surpassed gold) and suffer tragedy (Freaky Tah's 1999 murder & Spigg Nice's 37-year prison sentence for bank robbery earlier this year) and he now looks to recapture respect for his click by standing on his own. "A lot of people put me in positions, like he's resurrecting the Lost Boyz," tells Dramills. "Thats my crew and thats it. I can't resurrect LB. I'm going to just do me."Releasing his first mixtape Ghetto Slum Alumni last march, with guest drops by Lloyd Banks and WC, Dramills has sold over 50,000 copies since its single "Do It Again," featuring R. Prophet of the Nappy Roots, became an internet favorite. But Dramills didn't always figure he'd be working so hard. Turning down a deal with Def Jam at age 19 and later opening for Mr. Cheeks on the Lights, Camera, Action! Tour, the newbie waited patiently for his mentor's supposed label to jump off. That never happened. Envisioning his window of opportunity closing, 'Mills parted with LB. "I had to step away from the Lost Boyz, because I wanted Dramills known," explains the New York raised, VA resident. "I may come across as overconfident, but I been doing this a long time. From 106 & Park to Rap City to dinner with Andre Harrell and on the road with Puff, I don't care what nobody says, I'm a veteran!"His mixtape's success forced labels to notice. Rejecting deals from both Sony and Sure Shot, Dramills launched his label G.S.A Music, last year. I've seen how the label doesn't care about you," says 'Mills. A lot of people get deals and they're happy to be in Best Buy. I don't give a damn if i'm in Best Buy and nobody's buying. Come at me correct." With offers from Virgin and Warner in tow, Stack Bundles in heart, second mixtape (Hood Talk 2.1) hosted by DJ Dirty Harry and Big Mike, Dramills knows his window of opportunity is now wide open, adding that you can "definitely expect a platinum plaque for my major debut."

Friday, July 25, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Geolani Grandz

Yonkers, NY has done it again. One of the grimiest places in the world has produced yet another rapper that has come in and captured the hearts and minds of fans, and music insiders all over the world. Geolani Grandz is one of the hardest working men in hip hop. Google his name and pray that your computer has enough memory to hold every site that he's on. Geolani, along with partners Ransom Rellic and Montega are responsible for the worldwide movement known as Team Afficial. He also runs a label called AdoubleF Ent. along side his Team Afficial partners. AdoubleF is producing some of the brightest and most creative artists. Naim Brixx from New Jersey, Big Skeem & Hood Fella from PA., Symantyx from Baltimore, Lady Lyric from Orlando, Team Afficial Mid West & Team Afficial West. The Movement is also the home to over twenty deejays worldwide and seven talented producers. His mixtape "Zillion Dollar Boss" is highly anticipated, the Metro Beats produced "Never Stop Winning" featuring Stack Bundles and Dramills is well recognized in the streets. His single "She is Music" which is a captivating ode to his first love is burning up the radio waves, and the club banger "This Is My Jam" featuring D.V. Alias Khryst has the clubs jumping. This marketing and promoting genius has made over one thousandmixtape appearances and has been featured on over fifteen thousand sites. It is almost impossible to surf the web without bumping into one of his web features or downloads. The newsstands have also shown love to Geolani. He has been featured in the Source, Rago, and the Next Level Magazines. He is well respected amongst his peers which include St. Laz, Big Cas, Snyp Life (354) Nucci Reyo, and Dino West (No Limit/Team Afficial). The former manager of D-Block in-house producer Liveson knows how to maintain his balance between being an artist and being a business man. He was instrumental in getting a distribution deal through Sony Red to distribute the "Mixtape Legends" DVD as well as his single "She Is Music".Geolani was nominated for a 2008 Justo Award for Best Unsigned Artist On A Mixtape, proving to the world that his work ethic is simply amazing.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Million DJ March Remembers: DJ K-Swift

Will, heart and faith, are all of the traits that this female, Baltimore native, ascertained, in order to excel in a male dominated, hustle-minded, fast paced industry. Khia Edgerton a.k.a the “Club Queen K-Swift” was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland on October 19,1980. Growing up, she had many influences to help drive her into what some might say is a successful music career and others her destiny. Her influences were Cocoa Channel and Jazzy Joyce along with her father who had an immense passion for music. K-Swift began DJing at the age of 11; now 14 years later, she’s not only Baltimore’s only female DJ, but she’s also the only female Mix Show Coordinator in the country! Her desires to become a professional, well-known DJ were met with numerous obstacles. She received a lot of skepticism from males however; she never let that phase her. Her formula for brushing off all the haters was to just do her own thing and stay focused. Long hours spent working to enhance her DJ skills paid off. At the age of 18, she was offered an internship at Radio One of Baltimore; 92Q Jams. From this point on, her will, faith, and formula quickly began to turn her yesterday’s dream into a reality. That same year she began producing shows for the station, the first being the Mark Young Show, followed by the Neke @ Night Show. Two years later, her impressive and consistent performance as an intern landed her a job with 92Q, where she officially became the first female DJ on the “Q”. She began DJing for a show that she and an on-air personality, Neke produced, which was called Ladies Night. That show was a big hit, therefore her new offer to be an on air personality was inevitable. After becoming an on-air personality, she then was presented with an opportunity to mix for the “Big Phat Morning Show”. Benefiting from that opportunity and growing as a DJ, she held this position for two years. She then decided to continue to expand her horizons, as she switched from part time to full time. Once she became a full time DJ she began taking over the night show from 6-10 on the Q with her co-host Reggie Reg. Not a surprise that this show became the number one night show in Baltimore. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there, she just doesn’t stop. As changes were being made at the station she remained as the late night DJ, now with co-host Squirrel Wyde, which is currently the number one night show in Baltimore. K-Swift plays at all the hottest clubs & parties in Baltimore; her fan base is beyond celebrity status. She mixes for all the high school parties as well as in the mall for Downtown Locker Room a popular urban retailer of footwear, apparel, and music. Working at the Q opened numerous doors for K-Swift; she’s done big shows with HOT artist like Paula Campbell and Lil Mo. She‘s a member of the hottest DJ’s in the country known as the Violator All Star DJ’s, as well as the all female squad MURDA MAMIS. Her expertise as a DJ, and her career as an on air personality aren’t the limits of her capabilities. She is also the proud owner of her own Graphics Company, and Production and Management Company (Club Queen Entertainment), while simultaneously selling her own mix Cd’s on her website and in stores across the United States. In addition to all those hats that she wears, she’s also the ONLY female Record Pool Director in Baltimore for Direct Drive Record Pool. K-Swift is just unstoppable. She’s unique and unpredictable. She always bringing the hottest and latest music, not only does she bring hype to the party through her mixing skills, but her aggressive voice on the mike boosts the entire experience. Her love for what she does along with her caring and outgoing personality has taken her to the top, but she’s never going to settle. There’s so much more out there that she would like to pursue. Her goal right now is to go on tour with a major artist, and excel at being an entrepreneur. K-Swift is definitely a woman that the music industry doesn’t want to sleep on, she conquers any and all obstacles that come her way, and her drive should let you know that she can’t stop, and won’t stop, until she’s done it all.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: The Wonder Twinz

Owners of The Connex List, "The Wonder Twinz" will be speaking at The Million DJ March.

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: DJ Chuck T.

Less than five years after abandoning the mic for a set of Technics, DJ Chuck T had already become a force to reckon with in the world of Southern Entertainment. His success was attained by a fairly simple formula, really. The passion he possesses for music itself is a given: even when he chose to let go of his very attainable rap dreams, he could not bring himself to walk away from the game. Add to that passion a work ethic matched only by some of the greatest business minds in history, and you’d already have the story of a champion. But what sets Chuck T apart is his dedication to the people, a determination to help others attain their dreams. That was the original reason for Chuck T’s 2001 career change. While he grew restless as an artist, he found a way to help other up and coming artists benefit from his experience. Knowing that exposure is the name of the game, he rapidly created several avenues by which artists in the Carolinas could expand their reach. First it was his radio show in Charleston. Even before he entered the world of Radio, he noticed that the three urban radio stations in his hometown provided no variety for the listeners, and no opportunities for the city’s talent. His weekend radio show [I think it should say the name & station] did both: not only did Chuck T provide listeners with the hottest new music from their favorite artists, but he also peppered his playlist with the music of the most promising underground artists he could find. His employers and competitors may not have liked his approach, but record labels, artists and listeners alike loved it! By the time Chuck T left radio in 2002, his new mixtape series Ghetto Gangstas, had been deemed a great promotional tool for new and established artists alike. Chuck T presented fans with a product that perfectly balanced the familiar with the new, and the CDs were flying off shelves across the Southeast. Despite several opportunities to become part of the corporate Entertainment machine in a larger sense, Chuck T stayed the course, remembering that he was on a mission that was about much more than his own success. After releasing close to fifty mixtapes in 2004 alone and contributing to major distribution deals for six underground artists, Chuck T proceeded to diversify and solidify his brand. He rechristened Ghetto Gangstas as Down South Slangin’, a series which rapidly became one of the premier Southern mixtape series, spawning the more specialized “Freestyle,” “Instrumentals,” Battle for Supremacy,” and “Carolina Kingz” editions. Chuck T has seen just as much success and garnered as much praise with his Sexxxplicit R&B series.

DJ Chuck T has undeniably positioned himself as an industry power player. His mixtapes have helped make household names of artists like Boyz N Da Hood; Slick Pulla and BloodRaw of USDA; Kinfolk Kia Shine, Flo-Rida, Trey Songz and Rich Boy, to name a few. And his hard work has not gone unnoticed. Since 2005, DJ Chuck T has been nominated for over 60 awards, including an award for “Best New Mixtape DJ” at the 10th Annual Justo’s Mixtape Awards. With consecutive wins in multiple categories since [year 1st nominated], he’s also won a record [number] Southern Entertainment Awards. The press has also embraced Chuck T, with MTV naming him one of the Top 5 Mixtape DJs of 2007... from

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Featured Million DJ March Speaker: Roger Toussaint (MTA Union President)

Roger Toussaint, President of The MTA Transit Union Local 100 will be speaking to the DJs and General Public at The Million DJ March about Unionization.

Track Alliance DJ Coalition Signs On As Media Sponsors!

The TRACK ALLIANCE DJ COALITION (TADJC) mission is to build an alliance of radio, club and internet DJs who will share in a powerful nationwide network of support, information, music, access, authority, and achievement. The TADJC network band will prove to be the breaking point that certifies an artist’s lyrical ingenuity, song, album, and sequentially, their career in the universe of entertainment on every scale. The TADJC foundation is solid, integral, influential, and great.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Featured Million DJ March Speaker: KRS-One

Nearly 20 years after the first Stop the Violence campaign was birthed, Hip Hop pioneer KRS-One is re-launching the effort with many of the today's notable MCs.

50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Immortal Technique, Chingy, and Rick Ross are just a few of many who will participate in the series of public service announcements designed to curb the increasing levels of violence among youth.

"We are in a state of emergency—school shootings, nooses being hung from trees, domestic violence, gang violence, police brutality and war. In the midst of mass turmoil the Hip Hop community cannot afford to stand still," KRS said about the need for a new campaign.

In addition to the PSAs, various youth programs, lectures, films, and a new Stop the Violence album will follow.

While Hip Hop has been widely criticized for violent imagery that often celebrates death, the rappers involved with the project recognize that the culture has the ability to change society.

The project even drew the attention—and support—of Stanley Crouch, an outspoken critic of Hip Hop culture.

In an editorial that appeared last week on the SacBee website, Crouch praised KRS—while condemning T.I.—for a campaign that "couldn't come too soon."
"If this smart campaign is successful in lessening the slaughter of black people from coast to coast," Crouch writes, "we will all be glad to admit that hip-hop has begun to discourage the kinds of actions that resulted in the ominous charges now facing Clifford Harris, way down yonder in Atlanta."

The original Stop the Violence campaign began in the late 80's in response to rising violence in the community and the death of Boogie Down Productions co-founder Scott La Rock. The movement birthed the classic anthem, "Self Destruction", which featured a who's who of Hip Hop including Doug E. Fresh, Public Enemy, Stetsasonic, and Boogie Down Productions. All proceeds from the campaign were donated to the National Urban League.

(Adapted from

Newest Million DJ March Speaker: Troy2DaVent (Slip 'N Slide DJs Founder)

Behind every elite DJ coalition there is a great leader who envisions a movement much bigger than their own. Troy2davent saw the growth and success of the Slip N Slide DJ's long before he became president. This Gainesville, Fl. native first got his start in the music industry as a rapper signed with ARTIST DIRECT. He knew his potential in the industry went a lot farther then rapping, so he began his endeavors as an aspiring businessman. Most that knew him admired his grind and persistence in excellence, which is how he got his nick name "the number one hustler". His drive and vision soon caught the attention of his long time idol, Slip N Slide Records CEO, Ted Lucas. Troy2davent got his start with Slip N Slide Records doing promotions and street team work. Troy2davent states, "It does not matter how small a job is. As long as you do your job with excellence, you will succeed! I had to do everything I had to do to impress Ted Lucas". With that same attitude Troy quickly acquired an A &R position with the label. Soon thereafter, he founded Slip N Slide Radio where he was also the on air personality. This is when he allowed his admiration for dj's flourish and decided that he wanted to work alongside them.

On the radio side of things, Troy was quickly becoming Mr. Exclusive because he was doing interviews with some of today's top entertainers in the music industry. His growing relationship with these entertainers helped birth his highly controversial mixtape series, "KRIP2NITE". The "KRIP2NITE" mix tapes were quickly becoming a way that Troy could help artists get exposure in different markets. Many have been featured on these mixtapes from nationally known southern artists to chart topping artists from the east coast. With the success of Slip N Slide Radio and several other business ventures, Troy finally earned the level of respect and attention he sought out from Ted Lucas.

Mr. Lucas soon realized that Troy was the right man to lead his dj coalition. Consequently, Troy became the President of the Slip N Slide DJ's. With his leadership and visionary skills, Troy has developed the Slip N Slide DJ's from simply being the official dj's to Slip N Slide Records to a bonafide, elite and worldwide dj coalition. There are dj's in almost every country outside of the United States, as well as in every state within the U.S. Troy2davent has also developed the Slip N Slide Dj's into several different branches which include: Slip N Slide MIXTAPES, Slip N Slide RADIO, Slip N Slide DJ's MODELS, Slip N Slide DJ's PROMO, and Slip N Slide DJ's TV. For more information on Troy2davent and the Slip N Slide Dj's, log onto and

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: DJ K-SLY

DJ K-SLY (Kathleen Yoon-Taylor) is a journalist for music. This unique lady has shined her experience and diversity on the world. She earned popularity and respect early in the game, while riding the radio waves.

She was the fun-loving feisty voice in Los Angeles on her evening show on 100.3 The Beat (Radio One), which featured her #1 most-listened to entertainment column, "The Sleazy Report."

Prior to The Beat, "K-SLY" was Atlanta's sweetheart on WHTA (HOT 107.9) with co-host rapper, Ludacris (Def Jam).

"K-SLY" expressed, "It was a blessing to work with someone as determined and motivating as Chris [Ludacris]. I learned a lot."

Additionally, she did a brief stint in Las Vegas KVEG (97.5) with a midday slot. "K-SLY" has been touted as the little girl with the big voice which is a far cry from her classical piano training and musical background. Don't be fooled by her pretty smile, this multi-genre equipped DJ can rock any party, from hip-hop to house.

As she strolled into the house music scene, K-Sly was additionally tagged as DJ KATHLEEN TURNER, referring to her ability to turn the tables, in any house.

While "K~SLY" can be heard on Sprint Mobile Radio's "The Ten Spot," she is simultaneously traveling worldwide, gaining much deserved recognition. Most recently, she rocked the hot new flashy "Club Volume" in Seoul, Korea.

She brought 2008 in with fire at the new Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. She is also the official DJ for Universal Republic recording group, Candy Hill where she performed in Seoul, Korea at the infamous Olympic Stadium for the 2007 Ciara Candy Hill Concert, along with several clubs, including Club Circle.
She made a cameo in rapper, Mims' video, "Like This." She appeared on CBS, "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" spinning for Rich Boy's performance of "Throw Some D's" featuring producer, Polow Da Don.

As a DJ, "K-SLY" took Hollywood by storm, spinning at the trendiest clubs, premieres, and events in L.A. and around the country. Deejaying at the largest club in the U.S., Club La Vela, the world-renowned, "Beau Rivage Casino & Resort" in Mississippi, to the "Summer Seeds Reggae Concert Tour" in Hawaii to a Scion Yacht Party at the beautiful, Coeur D'Alene Golf Resort in Idaho, she is fast becoming an ambassador for music lovers around the world.

Her resume includes spinning events for clients like J. Lo's Swimwear, Nick Cannon, Ludacris, G-Unit, and NBA All-Star Week. "K~SLY" was the DJ / announcer for Steve Harvey Big Time, and resident DJ / co-host for the internationally syndicated TV show, Dance 360.

"K-SLY" has been featured on BET's Style, Rap City, MTV's Direct EFX, FOX's On- Air with Ryan Seacrest, the Oxygen Channel, and in numerous publications including, Entertainment Weekly, XXL, Complex, and Audrey Magazine. She was also been a celebrity guest chef for Project-by-Project on BRAVO's Top Chef. On top of that, she was featured in the "Scarface" video game.

"K-SLY" has been a motivational speaker for Rolling Out Magazine's "Entrepreneurial Success" seminar and for H.O.P.E. Worldwide's "Positive Choice" program, and hosted actor/singer, Tyrese's Watts Day, also the Asian Hip Hop Summit. This driven woman even hosted a national radio show for Nissan's Electric Moyo which aired in all the top 10 U.S. markets.

"K-SLY" attended Kansas State University where she graduated with a B.A. in Sociology. During that time, she pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., socially conscious organization. While attending KSU, she volunteered at the university's radio station, KSDB (91.9).

"K-SLY" is dedicated to her career, sharing it with a passion in promoting youth and community service. She is extremely active in encouraging youths to vote by speaking at several colleges and events. Regularly, she appears at schools throughout the greater Los Angeles area. She believes that youth issues are neglected, and in helping the youth, they may gain a better understanding of their place in society to become productive citizens. She is currently developing a scholarship for young teen mothers who desire to attend college, also an "Anti-Racism" essay scholarship contest. "DJ K-SLY": a multi-faceted artist… Keep your eye on "K~SLY" – She is one that is not to be missed!

Friday, July 11, 2008

ATTN: Hip Hop Shakedown Video Content

This video reflects the opinions of the directors and actors. Enjoy!

Hip Hop Shakedown, A DJ Documentary produced by writer Tex Thomas and L.Holley covers the controversial arrests of DJ Drama and more. This documentary interviews pioneer DJ Kid Capri along with other notables like DJ Green Lantern. The producers decided to make the documentary after being affected by the industry shakedown personally. As former distributors and strong supporters of the mixtape industry they were forced to shutdown business. Hip Hop Shakedown covers the history of mixtapes, the DJs, and the artists like Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, and 50 Cent who have made their names off of mixtapes. Hip Hop Shakedown will be available to retailers early September.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ATTN: Public Service Announcement

Radio Stations can show support by utilizing The Million DJ March PSA courtesy of Randy Dennis.

Download Here:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don Diva Magazine Signs On To The Million DJ March!

Washington, D.C. - Choice, Don Diva Magazine's outspoken spokespersonwas booked last week as a speaker on the upcoming Million DJ Marchnext month with the full support of the magazine - the magazine itself will in fact sponsor a media event on each of the March's 2 scheduled nights; August 29th and 30th. Don Diva's sponsorship of the Million DJ March carries with it the breadth of their vast list of music industry contacts and DJ affiliations worldwide and their penchant for telling it like it is, makes them the perfect media sponsor for an event such as this."I have seen the entrapment in this industry first hand," Choice says, "and welcome the opportunity to be a radical voice for the DJ's in our community. Don Diva has never hesitated to speak out on the issues facing our culture and The Million DJ March will be no exception."The 'entrapment' he speaks of is, of course, with regards to the mix tape industry and its legal woes; just one of the issues experienced by the DJ community that will be touched on during the March's schedule of events. "We are working together for a change, and this is good." says March founder, A. Shaw.Choice will be joined by DJ Chuck T, Superstar Jay, Slip N Slide's DJ Prez and many more in shedding light on the many opportunities afforded to the DJ community as well as some of the pitfalls and how to best avoid them. The mission of The Million DJ March is not onlyto educate and unify, but also to entertain and toward that end, Joell Ortiz was just added to the performance line-up.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Featured Million DJ March Performer: Joell Ortiz

Brooklyn-born rapper Joell Ortiz, who has long been among the most critically acclaimed unsigned talent on the East Coast hip-hop scene, has gone a long way to earning that reputation. A dedicated and accomplished student through his early years, and always a person to whom language came easily, Ortiz was an impressive rapper by his early teens. As Ortiz reached high school, family strife and his urban environment turned his attentions from his studies and rap career to street life and the drug trade. After a short time, however, Ortiz turned his attentions back to the life-giving pursuit of excellence in his music. Thanks to his natural talent and serious work ethics, opportunity soon found Ortiz, and he began to gain some recognition. An appearance in The Source magazine and winning Chairman's Choice from XXL magazine earned Ortiz credibility and buzz that resulted in his appearance on the NBA Live 2005 soundtrack. Jermaine Dupri's So So Def label offered Ortiz a contract that year, a deal which quickly went sour, creating bad blood between Ortiz and one of the industry's most powerful players. Since that time, Ortiz continued to record and write actively, collaborating with artists like KRS-One and Kool G Rap. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, All Music Guide see original post

Monday, July 7, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Gillie Da Kid

You may remember Gillie Da Kid as one of the founding members of the group “Major Figgas” who smashed onto the music scene with their single “Yeah That’s Us” but make no mistake about it, Gillie Da Kid IS the King of Philly (K.O.P.). Believe that. No stranger to hip hop, the King of Philly has been holding it down for the Philly Hip Hop Movement for quite some time and has no intention of letting go of his crown anytime soon.

In 2002, after a chance meeting with the CEO of Cash Money Records, Baby, backstage at a Cash Money concert they were performing at in Gillie’s hometown of Philadelphia, Gillie Da Kid was immediately recognized and approached about becoming a member of Cash Money Records. Placing an offer on the table that Gillie couldn’t refuse, Gillie Da Kid became the first East Coast Hip Hop member of Cash Money Records. Gillie Da Kid was finally on his way, or so it seemed. Focusing on rebuilding his buzz and releasing his first solo effort, Gillie released six mixtapes of one year. Although at the time,

Gillie had no idea that he would be forced to play the background as a ghostwriter to the rest of the Cash Money Millionaires due to his failure to share his publishing royalties with the label, Gillie remained a Cash Money artist behind the scenes, penning some of Cash Money’s biggest hits, not to mention writing for such artists as Lil Wayne and Baby, In 2004, after realizing that Cash Money would never allow Gillie Da Kid to play the forefront artist that he truly was and always has been, Gillie Da Kid decided that it was in his best interest to leave Cash Money Records and return home setting the streets of Philly on fire once again as a free agent.

With the streets of Philadelphia behind him, the swagger of a champion and the heart of a lion determined to bring the City of Brotherly Love back to the forefront as if it never left, Gillie Da Kid has finally achieved the respect he has worked so hard for. Not only carrying the Streets of Philly on his back as the self proclaimed “King of Philly” (and dares anybody to prove him otherwise), the North Philly representative and Philadelphia legend he has become in his hometown and seemingly now across the country has been one of a champion fighter well liked and respected by all. Always spittin truth with no consequence, the confidence Gillie brings to the microphone, coupled with the attention he commands by the ladies as well as the love he gives and receives from the streets, this time around, there is no stopping the King of Philly and his quest to grab the hip hop crown. He will soon be recognized as not only the pen and pad behind Cash Money but as the certified “best rapper alive since the best rapper retired."

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: NYOIL

To date, very little has been officially disclosed regarding Staten Island, NY's outspoken and enigmatic emcee known as "NYOIL." ? Many, however, are familiar with him through the incendiary viral video phenomenon, "Y'all Should All Get Lynched," the controversial track featuring photos of A-list hip-hop luminaries Three 6 Mafia, Jim Jones, The Game, 50 Cent & more juxtaposed with stark images of slavery and lynchings, that was banned from YouTube within its first 48 hours of posting.

Now, amidst great anticipation, NYOil's debut release, "Hood Treason," will finally see its wide release on July 8th, 2008 courtesy of renowned indie Babygrande Records in conjunction with Petroleum Empire Music Group.

A multitalented emcee and spoken word artist, photographer, graffiti artist, dancer? composer, video director and editor, NYOil is truly a unique, multi-dimensional talent amidst a hip-hop landscape often criticized for its formulaic musical and at times demeaning lyrical content.

With the exception of the likes of an Immortal Technique, no other contemporary emcee offers such compelling, scathing and insightful commentary as to the sad state of hip-hop music and culture.

Most recently, NYOil generated a firestorm of controversy, professing industry superstar Nas' historical and cultural ignorance in light of the announcement of the title of his latest album, "Ni&^er."

See NYOIL's incendiary remarks as widely reported by a multitude ofsites:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Esso

Thinking Out Loud. Three simple words, one idea, and the best way to describe Harlem bred rapper ESSO's approach to making music. An observer of life's contradictions, ESSO is by his own description a contradiction himself. A former NCAA athlete and alum of Howard University, ESSO doesn't subscribe to many of Hip-Hop's cliches. In fact, music was an afterthought. The kid from Harlem that walked on to the Baseball team at The University of Michigan and then went on to play at Howard University had his sights on playing for the New York Yankees. In October 2006, ESSO and former Atlantic Records A&R Director Sickamore released ESSO's debut mixtape ESSOcentric Volume I: History in the Making which would go on to win "Best Mixtape" honors at the 2007 Underground Music Awards. Since releasing ESSOcentric in October of 2006, and the follow-up ESSObama: The Champagne Campaign, ESSO has quickly become one of the most visible independent artists in New York City. Appearances on BET's Rap City and MTV's Sucker Free: Straight From the Streets and write-ups in The Source Magazine and SCRATCH Magazine have brought ESSO a national following. Most recently ESSO released his third mixtape E3: E-Day, and is putting the finishing touches on his debut album.

Featured Million DJ March Speaker: DJ Syn City

SynCity, originally known for her skills as a battle break-dancer, theformer Foxy Brown backup dancer made her transition into deejayingprofessionally in 2005. A well known and respected veteran, DJ RocRaida of the world renowned DJ crew The X-Ecutioners passed along histurntables and mixer set to SynCity as a gift. The act changed herlife.SynCity has appeared on numerous media outlets such as MTV's MixtapeMondays, BET's RapCity The Basement, SHADE 45/ SIRIUS SATELLITE, AOLRadio, and Montreal's K103. She has performed around the globe withRussell Simmons' female R&B group Black Buddafly, Danity Kane of MTV'sMaking of the Band 3, Nicole Wray during her stint on Jay-Z's imprint,Roc-A-Fella Records/ Def Jam, DJ Cassidy's artist, O'Neal McKnight(SRC/Universal), and producer-turned-artist, 88-Keys, with whom albumis executive produced by Grammy Winner, Kanye West.Solidifying her reputation, SynCity was recognized for her mixtapes bythe Justo's Mixtape Awards, a legendary ceremony where stars likeDiddy, 50 Cent, Wu-Tang Clan and more have walked across the stage toaccept their titles. She is a 4 X nominated DJ for the categoriesRookie of the Year in 2005 and Best Female DJ in 2005, 2006, and againfor the 2007 awards.Her true love for the DJ artform comes out when she rocks parties.Dazzling the eclectic crowds in the most trendiest clubs for eventslike MTV's Video Music Award after-parties and NBA All-Star Weekend,to entertaining at the Rucker Park Basketball Tournaments in Harlem,she has proven to be well versed for various genres of crowd. SynCityhas headlined a hip-hop festival at Club Bon Bon in Shanghai, Chinaand was also part of the National Budlight/Maxim Magazine Tour in2006.SynCity have just returned from the USA 25 dates of the Fresh Rhymesand Videotape Tour sponsored by 2k Sports and Decon Records and iscurrently working on her debut album which is scheduled to be instores in Spring 2009 and have a monthly residency in New York at ClubRebel. You can catch her at

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Featured Million DJ March Speaker: DJ Nabs

DJ Nabs is a native of Durham N.C. who began his career in Atlanta as a mix show DJ for WVEE. After hearing Nabs' skill on the turntables, upcoming producer Jermaine Dupri quickly teamed up DJ Nabs with the teen rap group Kris Kross and was featured on the group’s second album release Da Bomb with a solo turntable performance called “DJ Nabs Break”. Nabs would eventually become So So Def's exclusive DJ backing up DaBrat, Xscape, Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow. After years of touring, Nabs returned to Atlanta radio as a full time on air personality/mixer on Hot 97.5 (now Hot 107.9). During his three year stint at Hot, "In The Lab With DJ Nabs" became a household name in Atlanta along with his weekly party showcase "Old School Sundays" which was held at a trendy club in Midtown called Kaya. In 1998, Nabs produced his first commercially released mixtape/album for Columbia Records entitled "In The Lab With DJ Nabs: The Live Album". This project featured the live performances of Kurtis Blow, Big Daddy Kane and Wyclef from "Old School Sunday" and studio tracks from Jagged Edge, Jermaine Dupri and a then unknown Ludacris. In 1999, Nabs began touring again with Kenan Thompson and Nick Cannon for Nickolodeon's "All That Music and More Festival" and later with Mariah Carey's "Rainbow Tour" in 2001, performing with longtime friend Da Brat. In 2002 Nabs produced the remix for Trick Daddy's "In The Wind" featuring Ceelo and Big Boi from Outkast. 2003 became the year that DJ Nabs returned to Hot 107.9 and also ventured into television with Bryant Reid's "B.St Live" on Turner South, a half hour performance driven dance show with DJ Nabs spinning the tunes and co hosting. In 2005, DJ Nabs released “The Product & The Power” mixtape compilation and XM radio show on channel 67 The City. Today, as the president of Jermaine Dupri’s DJ collective "The Def DJs ", Nabs continues to work the turntables at various industry events but combines all of his various experiences to helping build artists and songwriter’s careers thru his company In The Lab Productions, working alongside Michael Mauldin as an Artist Development Manager and Music Publisher at Mauldin Brand Agency (Scream Tour, Bow Wow, Anthony Hamilton, Common, Kandi Burrus) and A&R of Scream Star Entertainment/Atlantic Records.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vitamin Water Sponsors The Million DJ March!

Washington, D.C. - Glaceau, the manufacturers of Vitaminwater, Fruitwater, Smartwater and Vitaminenergy, has jumped on board as a sponsor for the upcoming Million DJ March which takes place on Capitol Lawn, at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on August 29th and 30th. The Coca-Cola-owned company has commited to hydrating and energizing the VIP areas for the two-day event, which has registered thousands of DJs from around the globe. "Glaceau Vitaminwater is very excited to be a part of this groundbreaking event." says District Marketing Manager, Lauren Pomponio. "There is no doubt that deejays have been setting trends in youth culture for decades," she adds, "and as the company at the forefront of the nutritional beverage market, Vitaminwater is pleased to return the favor by supporting this massive movement poised to descend upon Washington, D.C." "We are pleased to have Vitaminwater join the list of sponsors who have already jumped on board with this colossal movement." says Gary Murray, Founder, Mixcast Network. "The support we are seeing, both locally here in D.C. and nationally from brands wishing to give back to this valuable community has been phenomenal. It reflects the excitement that compelled us all to get involved." The Million DJ March was founded by A. Shaw, and is intended to educate and unify the deejay movement for the financial betterment of those that have chosen this artform to make their living. The event will feature speeches from both pioneers and key figures within the deejay arena, as well as live performances by those artists wishing to come out and show their support for those intrinsically involved on helping to break their records. Those seeking more information, wishing to sponsor, or merely attend The Million DJ March can get full information by visiting http://www.themilliondjmarch/ or by contacting A. Shaw directly at

Monday, June 30, 2008

Featured Million DJ March Performers: The Dey

Those who have survived the night’s unforgiving darkness cherish basking in the light of dawn, in the warm promise of a new day. Every so often, in the world of music, an act emerges like a beacon of light, proudly proclaiming its uniqueness, its disinterest in the norm, and its potential for sparking a sonic revolution. In 2007, just like with The Fugees and the Black Eyed Peas, a new era in urban music will be ushered in thanks to a group fittingly known as The DEY. Composed of Divine, √Član, and Yeyo (DEY), the bilingual Latino trio fuses hip-hop, R&B, pop, and Afro-Latino influences for a unique, singing/rapping fusion-heavy sound that celebrates Latinos’ rich cultural heritage while also inviting non-Latinos to share in the festivities. Their innovative Epic Records debut promises to unify English-only, Spanish-only, and bilingual Latinos, and to address the interests and concerns of today’s generations of multicultural urbanites.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Washington D.C Prepares For The Million DJ March! Organizers Reach Out To The DJ Community For Assistance...

Washington, D.C. - In a major show of support, DC's Special Parks Services and Parks Rangers have extended the permits to The Million DJ March to include evening and night time activities, including live performances and speeches, meaning that the March and it's various forums can go for an estimated 48 straight hours. This has enabled everything planned to fit into two days instead of the original three- August 29th and 30th. The experience that Parks Services and Homeland Security has with these types of events ensures the safety of everyone attending and the shortening of the event itself will enable those who may be experiencing economic woes to attend and experience the event in its entirety.Despite the positive intentions behind The Million DJ March, many websites and community forums have sprung up since its announcement, both generating false rumors regarding the purpose of the March and erroneously soliciting funds. The message behind the March is getting distorted and its founders felt it was time to address this issue. "MDJMarch is not a record pool," iterates March founder A. Shaw (pictured above with Parks Service and Rangers), " We have no opinions that would hamper our relationships with labels or artists. We simply feel that the DJ community needs to come together and unite, for the betterment of all." Carolina's DJ Chuck T adds, " I personally feel that the DJ community is in desperate need of a facelift right now. The Million DJ March is an event that DJ's from around the world should attend. The key to getting our voices heard is to unite and show solidarity."The intentions behind the March are definitely to educate its attendees on how to better handle the business of deejaying. The role of the DJ has expanded from just being on the radio and hosting parties and shows, to working in television, touring with artists and disseminating music, digitally and through mixtapes. Those seeking information on how to go about expanding their craft, or those that are looking to get started, will hear how it is done from the best doing it today. Some of the legal issues that currently surround the digital music arena will also be addressed during the March's activities. " It is the marketing personnel who should regulate who and how promotional MP3's are distributed to those they are close with to prevent leakage." says A. Shaw. "If more accapellas and instrumentals were given to DJ's we would hear more creative ways of giving songs an extended life while creating a stronger demand for the original 'radio' version. Hip Hop especially was built around this concept."Those wishing to keep up on the latest developments surrounding the March fromits source, can do so by visiting where you can contact its staff directly. Any websites with illegal Paypal links soliciting donations on this event's behalf, should be reported.A link to download and listen to a PSA recorded by Randy Dennis is below:Million DJ March PSA - wishing to contact March founder, A. Shaw, directly may do so on