Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don Diva Magazine Signs On To The Million DJ March!

Washington, D.C. - Choice, Don Diva Magazine's outspoken spokespersonwas booked last week as a speaker on the upcoming Million DJ Marchnext month with the full support of the magazine - the magazine itself will in fact sponsor a media event on each of the March's 2 scheduled nights; August 29th and 30th. Don Diva's sponsorship of the Million DJ March carries with it the breadth of their vast list of music industry contacts and DJ affiliations worldwide and their penchant for telling it like it is, makes them the perfect media sponsor for an event such as this."I have seen the entrapment in this industry first hand," Choice says, "and welcome the opportunity to be a radical voice for the DJ's in our community. Don Diva has never hesitated to speak out on the issues facing our culture and The Million DJ March will be no exception."The 'entrapment' he speaks of is, of course, with regards to the mix tape industry and its legal woes; just one of the issues experienced by the DJ community that will be touched on during the March's schedule of events. "We are working together for a change, and this is good." says March founder, A. Shaw.Choice will be joined by DJ Chuck T, Superstar Jay, Slip N Slide's DJ Prez and many more in shedding light on the many opportunities afforded to the DJ community as well as some of the pitfalls and how to best avoid them. The mission of The Million DJ March is not onlyto educate and unify, but also to entertain and toward that end, Joell Ortiz was just added to the performance line-up.

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