Thursday, July 31, 2008

ATTN: KRS-One Signs On As A Major Figure & Speaks Regarding The Million DJ March!

Washington, D.C. - Rap legend and Hip Hop activist KRS One is issuing a call to action from DJ's nationwide to join and participate in the upcoming Million DJ March, by becoming directly involved himself. KRS One's legendary contributions to the evolution of Hip Hop and well-documented work with his Stop the Violence Movement, coupled with the fact that he began his own career as a DJ make him the perfect spokesperson for this groundbreaking event.

"I am a DJ. I started my career as a DJ and a collector of records." says the NY emcee. "The Million DJ March speaks to the longevity of the DJ community. If deejaying is going to survive in to the future, we are going to have to take it a little more seriously than just a party past time."

Founded by A. Shaw, after her many years of working within the DJ and mixtape community, The Million DJ March, far from disrespecting or parodying the Million Man March and its mission, was started in an effort to bring the DJ community worldwide together on issues that effect not just the DJ's themselves, but the music listening public they entertain.

KRS One expands by saying, "Once and for all, the American public needs to hear from the DJ's in a unified voice. There are questions that the American public has for for the DJ and one of the concerns of the American public, for DJ's in every medium, is the lack of responsibility that DJ's show to younger ears. The DJ's I know care about the public they play for; many of them are responsible parents themsleves. It is not that DJ's are irresponsible, it is that DJ's do not speak in one unified voice on anything. By signing your name to this event, among other things, you vow to uphold a standard of excellence in the art of deejaying."

In addition to unity, the mission of the Million DJ March is education and inspiration. "The Million DJ March is a call to excellence in the deejaying industry." KRS One says. "This is your craft. This is an opportunity to participate in the further development of your craft. The uniqueness of The Million DJ March and its surrounding workshops provides an opportunity for those just getting started, as well as the seasoned veterans, to participate in the advancement of deejaying."
A. Shaw, who also recently added the well-respected Harlem advocate DJ S&S as a keynote speaker to the March and Grammy-winning DJ Dirty Harry (Alicia Keys "No One") as a performer, couldn't be happier with her new spokesperson. "I have been aware and informed about KRS One's Stop the Violence Movement, and I think it is an extremely positive one." she shares. "KRS is a voice that rings through cultural and entertainment barriers. We are ecstatic to have him on board."


David W. Carr said...

I like what I am reading here Krs One! I truly agree we need to be unified. I believe that the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) has worked hard to raised the level of professionalism in our industry. Thank you for speaking out and encouraging DJs to stand up and be counted.

Dro said...

shot outs from Nigeria,africa..we wanna see krs 1 in