Monday, July 7, 2008

Newest Million DJ March Performer: Gillie Da Kid

You may remember Gillie Da Kid as one of the founding members of the group “Major Figgas” who smashed onto the music scene with their single “Yeah That’s Us” but make no mistake about it, Gillie Da Kid IS the King of Philly (K.O.P.). Believe that. No stranger to hip hop, the King of Philly has been holding it down for the Philly Hip Hop Movement for quite some time and has no intention of letting go of his crown anytime soon.

In 2002, after a chance meeting with the CEO of Cash Money Records, Baby, backstage at a Cash Money concert they were performing at in Gillie’s hometown of Philadelphia, Gillie Da Kid was immediately recognized and approached about becoming a member of Cash Money Records. Placing an offer on the table that Gillie couldn’t refuse, Gillie Da Kid became the first East Coast Hip Hop member of Cash Money Records. Gillie Da Kid was finally on his way, or so it seemed. Focusing on rebuilding his buzz and releasing his first solo effort, Gillie released six mixtapes of one year. Although at the time,

Gillie had no idea that he would be forced to play the background as a ghostwriter to the rest of the Cash Money Millionaires due to his failure to share his publishing royalties with the label, Gillie remained a Cash Money artist behind the scenes, penning some of Cash Money’s biggest hits, not to mention writing for such artists as Lil Wayne and Baby, In 2004, after realizing that Cash Money would never allow Gillie Da Kid to play the forefront artist that he truly was and always has been, Gillie Da Kid decided that it was in his best interest to leave Cash Money Records and return home setting the streets of Philly on fire once again as a free agent.

With the streets of Philadelphia behind him, the swagger of a champion and the heart of a lion determined to bring the City of Brotherly Love back to the forefront as if it never left, Gillie Da Kid has finally achieved the respect he has worked so hard for. Not only carrying the Streets of Philly on his back as the self proclaimed “King of Philly” (and dares anybody to prove him otherwise), the North Philly representative and Philadelphia legend he has become in his hometown and seemingly now across the country has been one of a champion fighter well liked and respected by all. Always spittin truth with no consequence, the confidence Gillie brings to the microphone, coupled with the attention he commands by the ladies as well as the love he gives and receives from the streets, this time around, there is no stopping the King of Philly and his quest to grab the hip hop crown. He will soon be recognized as not only the pen and pad behind Cash Money but as the certified “best rapper alive since the best rapper retired."

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